Saturday, November 5, 2011

I've been doing 30 days of Thankfulness on (Face)book.... however I know that they are going to get buried and never see the light of day again (how you ask? I went to look for days 1-3 and it was hard y'll), so why do it? Why put that much time into something  to just forget about it?

Which got me thinking about all of the things that I've put out there to probably never see again. Am I spending my moments on something 'useful' for my family? Something to help us  in the 'remember whens...' of life, something to help family whom do not live close by? How many blogs do I read, but never comment on, thereby missing out on some awesome friendships? Ummm no. I'm hooked on a stupid fad of *quick* pass by status updates that gloss over details.

My solution? Pulling out this old dusty blog!Grab a cup of coffee or a great big cup of sweet tea and join me, won't ya!?!

Let's get caught up! I'm Angie and I'm a wife (to Shawn), and mommy of 2. My son, Bear,  is 7 (2nd grade) and my daughter, Critter,  is 2. I work full time, even though I would love to be a SAHM I honestly don't think that I would be a good one. These things are my identity right now (which they should be- but I'm not one of those people that someone can say, "Yeah, that Angie, she's a great....").


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